Autumn Home Selling Tactics For Better Prices

Monday 25 Feb 2019

Autumn Property Checklist

Autumn is nearly with us. For what's been a long hot summer, the autumn months hopefully will be a reprieve from the forty five straight days of steamy 30+ temperatures the south east has been living through over summer.

If you've been feeling zapped of energy, you're not alone. The cooler change will re-invigorate you, cause the doona to come out of the cupboard and prepare the pool to be covered for the upcoming winter.

It's a great time to give your property a bit of a spruce up as well.

Here's our autumn checklist to fresh your home and garden, especially if you are thinking of selling.

1. Street Appeal - First Impressions Count

How's your house looking? Has the harsh summer sun taken its toll on the weatherboards? Are the gutters looking a bit flaky? A quick touch up could add thousands for when you want to sell. But if your job requires a bigger makeover, you'll need to call in the experts. Call our Property Management department and our girls will be happy to give you some local area painters we use and recommend. How's the garden? Flowers a bit sun burnt? Fresh up your garden with autumn ready plants that will boost your home's first impression. Ross Evans Garden Centre in Runaway Bay can help you with the right plants you need to be putting into your garden today. And if your lawn is looking shabby, they can help you with the best lawn care products to use as well.

2. Kids Will Be Kids

Yes we are still in the front yard and what you don't need is a 'kid made' obstacle course leading to your front door. It looks untidy and may cause a visitor to trip and injure themselves; potentially leading to a claim against you. Get the kids to clean up their toys and remove their bikes from the front lawn. And make sure you're covered just in case you receive a nasty letter from a solicitor seeking damages on behalf of a visitor who snapped their ankle while tripping over a Tonka truck hidden in the grass. Give our in-house broker a call to get an insurance quote or at least keep your current provider honest.

3. Are You Experiencing A Colorbond Moment?

Not everybody can retrieve the morning newspaper from their front yard in their dressing gown and be awe struck by their awesome roof. How's your roof looking? Loose tiles? Corners that have popped and now letting the rain in causing larger problems including mould. Maybe it just needs a fresh coat of paint or sealant? Again chat to Di in our property management department and she can refer you to a good roofing expert.

4. Create More Space Inside – Declutter

Opening the front door to a hat stand, a pile of umbrellas and a stack of shoes isn't very inviting. It clearly says to your visitors they are not welcome. It's also a major turn off for buyers. Let's start at the front door. A welcome mat looks inviting and it helps to keep grass clippings and dirt outside. And we have a Bunnings closeby to get your mat at a reasonable price. Remove all the obstacles once in the door. Time for the hat stand, umbrellas and shoes to live elsewhere; maybe even the rubbish bin. Freshen up the entrance way, living room and bedrooms with some autumn coloured curtains and cushions. Harbour Town, the home of bargain shopping, is only four kilometres from Paradise Point. Take a look, it won't break the bank.

5. Backyard Bliss

Many a 'century' has been scored on the well-worn turf of your backyard. Fill in the pot holes, add in a bit of 'Sir Walter or blue cooch' where necessary, water regularly and by summer your pitch will be match ready. Check the dividing fence, re-nail a few wooden palings or replace the broken ones. Thunderous fours to the fence from an aspiring Bradman can take its toll.


The autumn months of March to May are some of the best months of the year on the Gold Coast.

Cooler weather along with plenty of sunshine is refreshing while still allowing us to enjoy the outdoors. It's also a great time to refresh our home. "By being observant around your home, you can potentially save thousands and keep your home looking brand new" First National Paradise Point's senior property manager Di Mann explains. "Fix little things now before they become big costly ones."

Street appeal is a big factor in selling a home. A well maintained property including trimmed hedges and lawns instantly says that your home has been loved and is less likely to have any nasty repair surprises.

Even though south east Queensland doesn't experience changes in our autumn leaves, March does signal it's time to add some autumn colour to our home for curb side appeal and your pleasure. If you are considering selling in Autumn book an appraisal with us. You'll be looked after one of First National Real Estate's top 10 offices in Queensland.