The Best Home Security Systems For Gold Coast Homes 

Friday 17 May 2019

According to the Queensland Police Service crime map, Paradise Point area is one of the safest areas to reside on the Gold Coast with only two unlawful and robbery incidents from February to May this year. 

While that is terrific (except for the two homes owners which were affected), we still need to be mindful of protecting our homes from unwanted intruders. 

With the advancements in technology of web services and the invention of smartphones, home security might only be an app away. And quite affordable. 

Today this app style technology allows a home owner to monitor their home from virtually anywhere in the world. 

Smartphone driven systems can be personalised to your needs and are available as a DIY option or a fully installed setup done by a local professional. 

Once installed you can either monitor your home yourself or pay a monthly subscription fee to a company that acts on your behalf by calling the police or fire brigade once your alarms are activated. 

WIFI And Automating Your Home 

Most home security systems rely on WIFI. You may need to check with your WIFI provider to ensure you are getting full coverage of your house to cover entry doors, windows and motion detectors throughout the home.  

Password protection, changed regularly, for your WIFI system needs to be in place. 

The best home security systems allow you to personalise its operation by adding customised rules to apply when certain situations occur. 

If for example your smoke alarm to go off, then a rule which you programmed into the system might open doors and windows to allow the smoke to escape while the fire brigade is on their way. 

In incidences when sensors are triggered, a customised rule may activate video cameras to record proceedings while storing those images on a local SD card or sending them to cloud storage. 

Best Home Security Systems – DIY 

These are great for the budget conscious. Sold as kits, you’ll find them easy to configure for your needs. If your needs grow then you can add on devices and services as needed. The DIY buyer saves on installation and generally monitors the system themselves by calling the police or fire brigade if needed. 

As more products enter the market however, some sellers are now offering buyers monitoring services as well. 

According to People’s Choice Magazine, the best DIY home security systems are  

  • Abode Home Security Starter Kit 

  • Lifeshield Smart Home Security Kit 

  • SimpliSafe Home Security System 

  • Honeywell Home Smart Security Starter Kit 

Best Home Security Systems - Professionally Installed 

These systems typically cost a lot more than the DIY systems and come with 24/7 monitoring which usually requires the property owner to enter into a service contract, generally yearly. 

The downside with this is that should you want to change providers then you may incur hefty break fees. Check your exit fees before signing an agreement. 

If you contact our office, we can put you in touch with security system providers we’ve used. 

What Do Home Security Systems Cost? 

Typically, they range from $10 - $45/month depending on what’s being provided. Once again, we can help you with connections. 


In today’s world, you can never be too safe. 

While Paradise Point and surrounds are safe according to the Police Crime Map, it’s wise to secure your most prized asset the best way you can. 

As technology continues to advance, home security systems are becoming more affordable. 

Whether you choose the DIY version or the fully installed product, smartphones have made it easy for you to monitor your home from virtually anywhere in the world. 

If money is not in question and you want peace of mind, go for the fully installed system with professional monitoring to protect your loved ones and life long memories.