6 Ways To Maximise Space In A Small Kitchen 

Friday 24 May 2019

If you’re trying to sell your home in 2019, but your kitchen is on the small side, don’t renovate. Reinvigorate instead.  

At First National Paradise Point we understand that for a lot of female buyers, having a good-sized kitchen can make or break a sale. Kitchens are also focal points for families to gather around. 

But if yours is tight and cramped, there are ways to make the space more appealing without breaking the bank. 

Here’s 6 ways to maximise a small kitchen. Get More Room 

If your bench space is cluttered, try to remove the less used items by pacing them in kitchen cupboards or nearby hallway cupboards. 

Use over-the-sink covers as cutting boards when preparing meals. 

Fold down tables attached to the end of a bench double as a place to eat or prepare food on. There’s no need for a table in the kitchen taking up valuable space. 

A roll away butchers block could be used for food preparation if there is room then removed when not needed. 

What’s Up 

Anything that doesn’t need to be on a bench or taking up cupboard or draw space should be stored….up. 

Grab some hooks and fit them above your stove to hang pots and pans. 

A knife block looks good on a bench but again it takes up space. Attach a magnetic rod to a wall near your stove for your working knives. 

Don’t forget the refrigerator. Fridges are great to store a magnetic spice rack or tea towels on a hook. 

Cool Shelving 

One of the biggest trends at the moment is the industrial look. Bare metal adds an edge of toughness or rawness to a kitchen. 

If you are running out of wall space, why not look at industrial free-standing shelving, that if narrow enough can be located at the end of a bench and provide great storage for pots, pans, cook books or utensils. 

If raw metal is not your thing what about narrow modular bookshelves which can be painted to blend in with your existing kitchen or jazzed up in a feature colour to make an eye-catching statement. 

Upgrade Your Lighting 

Lighting in a kitchen is important especially for food preparation. But with appliances in various positions it’s sometimes difficult to have your lights in the right place. 

Moveable lights on a running track on your kitchen’s ceiling maybe a solution.  

Upgrading your light source can also have energy savings and reduce your power bill. 

Upgrade Your Floor Area 

Dark, outdated floor tiles tend to pull a buyer’s eyes downward, thereby having them miss the other features of your kitchen. 

Use a lighter tile, preferably a larger size. Big tiles give the illusion of space while smaller ones seem to restrict. 

If you use a light-coloured grout when laying the tiles, you’ll create a seamless effect making the space looker even larger. 

If new tiles are out of the budget, invest in some new mats to lift the area. 

Ugly Appliances 

Most older kitchens will have an ugly appliance or two. A scratched fridge or an outdated microwave detract from the new spacious look you are trying to create. 

If money is tight and appliances can’t be replaced, cover them up. Add a cover door that not only hides the ugly mini oven, but adds to the sleek new lines you are creating to make the kitchen feel larger.