What Should You Do When Vacating Your Rental Property?

Thursday 27 Jun 2019

7 sure fire ways of getting your bond back in full...

Thinking of vacating your rental property? Not a problem but you should check on your obligations.

Its's not difficult to get all of your bond back even if you want to break a lease. Ensure you give the agency plenty of notice and leave the property clean.

Here's a few suggestions you should consider.

1. Contact your rental agent

Check in with your property manager to determine: - when your lease expires. You are responsible for paying rent until this date. - where the rent is paid up too.

2. What to do if you are breaking your lease?

Advise the property manager for your property sooner than later. As you are obligated to pay rent until the lease expires, the best way to reduce your financial obligation is to get the real estate agency looking after the property to start looking for a new tenant. If you are fortunate a new tenant takes over the property by entering into a new lease, then your obligation ceases on the commencement of the new rental lease.

3. What are your chances of the property being let before your lease runs out?

It's difficult to say but if you have a good property manager they'll do their best. Depending on the market, most agencies are looking for properties to rent. You may be a good chance to vacate your rental property early without any financial penalty.

4. Ask for a copy of your entry report

Most likely your property manager completed a detailed property inspection upon you taking up the lease detailing the condition of the rental property. Check to see if the property is still in good repair and has not deteriorated under your

occupancy. You most likely advised the rental agency of any major work that was required during your stay.

5. Clean the property thoroughly

Cleanliness would have been one of the conditions in your entry report. Ensure your property to at least that standard, then look to go beyond. If you are unsure of the standard required you need to leave the property when you vacate, contact your property manager. You can do the cleaning yourself or call in professional cleaners. The best external cleaners to get are those recommended by the property manager. You are virtually guaranteed the work will be spotless.

6. Get your bond back

The easiest way for this to occur is having an agreement in place with your property manager going into the property. Make sure the rent is up to date and the premises is clean when you vacate. Check out this article from the Residential Tenancies Authority - Get My Bond Back

7. Take photos when you leave

Since you won't have access to the property once you are out, make sure you have good, detailed photos of your rental property particularly the interior.

Follow these simple steps and you'll have no issues when vacating your rental property. It'll also keep you in good stead for finding another property and successfully securing a new lease without ending up on a bad tenant register.