Why Understanding Our Customers Is Our Main Focus

Wednesday 14 Aug 2019

All business owners want to have a successful business.

There are many metrics to determining if a business is successful.

We can look at our social media following and see how many likes we get on a post.

We can check out our website statistics to see how many people visit our pages.

These are measures of success but there is only one judge that determines if we are getting things right.

Our customers.

Sure, we could study a truck load of guides on how to market our business but unless customers connect with us, our business isn't complete.

To develop a truly successful business, the only focus we need to have is on our customers

What is a customer- centric business?

It's a business that takes the time to get to know it's customers and to connect with them via personal messages, a supply of quality real estate stock and informative, valuable content on their website to assist buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants.

At First National Paradise Point not only do we recognise this but we aim make our entire business a customer-centric organisation; not just words on a website. In fact we take it so seriously we have an in- house customer service manager. Read Nicola Wilcock's bio here - exceptional customer service is in her blood.

Studies show that 90% of people surveyed like a personal approach and 80% said they would do business with a company that offers a personalised touch. We know this - that's why you are our priority.

What we learnt from Southwest Airlines

On a recent trip to the USA our directors flew on Southwest Airlines. This is an airline that really understands customers; hence they are the leaders when it comes to customer service ratings.

Here's what they don't do. They don't fill their planes with gimmicky gadgets and fancy meals and then try to exhort crazy prices out of their customers for stuff they don't really need.

Here's what they do. They provide good quality seats, tasty but not over the top food and charge a reasonable price. That's what their customers what.

In real estate we look to adopt the same approach.

One national real estate brand here on the Coast is all about big budget marketing and auction campaigns.

Not every property is suitable to auction and big budget marketing campaigns are great for promoting the agency and agent, but it's difficult to determine whether you marketing dollars actually sold your home or helped attract a buyer for another seller's property.

At First National Paradise Point we design our marketing campaigns (yes marketing is important) based on what's the best way to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest possible time.

We focus on you, getting you the best results.

We aim to know you well

Take our blog articles for example. We are not an agency all about spotlighting our listings. If your current agent is constantly bombarding you with for sale listings, run. They only see you as a dollar sign.

We aim to post interesting articles that are full of tips, strategies and tactics that will help you sell or buy better; hopefully getting us the opportunity to act on your behalf.

How we are trying to do better

Amazon is a very customer driven business. Founder Jeff Bezos describes his customers as

"“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

We like that. Here's what we are doing about it.

1. We're building better buyer personas

We've been around for a while. We've done a lot of transactions on the Gold Coast. We are looking at our data and mapping out who has done business with us over the years. Sounds a bit 'Big Brotherish'?. Not really. We want to provide better information, customer service and transaction experiences between you and us. We need to know that for example our typical buyer is 45-55, married, professional career and has two teenage children. That way the articles we post on our website will better inform our readers. The information you get from us will be relevant. We'll also aim to provide more homes for sale that suits your needs. We're working on it. It's ongoing and it's evolving. You are important to us We want to build a better experience..

2. We listen to you on social media

A couple facing retirement will express different views on their Facebook profile to a young graduate looking to find his new pad close to all the action. We focus on speaking their language, not ours. We understand what makes each of these groups tick and we aim to provide the ultimate customer experience.

3. We survey you

Your opinion is important. We need to understand what you thought when you interacted with our business. We aim to get it right but we understand that's not going to be the case all the time. We understand accountability is important in achieving a high level of customer service; criticism is a wakeup call for us to do better.

4. We want to deliver better information

Information that helps you make a better-informed decision, that's what we want to produce. We check your comments, we love your likes - it helps us deliver more of what you want.


We've stopped delivering what we want. Our focus is purely on giving you what you want.

We take time to improve our buyer and seller bios. It helps us understand what you want. At First National Paradise Point we are a customer-centric organisation aiming to provide the best customer service for your real estate needs.