10 Ways First National Paradise Point Is Building A Brand Of Honesty And Trustworthiness

Monday 19 Aug 2019

Brand trustworthiness is an important part of the success of a company. How customers perceive a brand plays a critical role in its success and long-term viability.

Branding is all about anchoring yourself into a specific term. When you think of McDonald's you think hamburgers.

When you think Visa, you think credit cards.

At First National Paradise Point, we want to anchor ourselves as real estate or at the very least Paradise Point real estate.


It's not what you might think. It's not about us - it's about you our customers.

Brands can attach themselves negative associations as well. Malaysian Airlines had been a safe airline until disastrous crashes plummeted its brand.

While we are wanting to be your choice of Paradise Point real estate, we also want to anchor with two other important, positive attributes - honesty and trustworthiness; something that's not easy in the real estate world.

But we think it's important and here's what we are doing to make you feel that we are an honest and trustworthy brand to do business with.

1. We aim to be transparent

Millennial's are the most demanding group seeking transparency. They don't trust a lot of people especially baby boomers. At First National Paradise Point we recognise that this group will become a larger proportion of our home buying group. They need answers. They want to see behind the scenes. They want to feel safe with the people they do business with.

2. We are willing to answer your questions

Our willingness to answer your questions comes down to two parts

1) empowering our employees with the necessary information so they can answer your questions. We are not an agency that holds information back thereby making our staff look silly

when they can't answer our customer's questions. Customers perceive this as disrespectful to downright lying.

2) Having a platform where answers can be easily found We continue to develop our FAQ page and provide regular answering segments on our website, blogs and social media channels including Youtube.

3. Our doors are open

We want to include you in our processes. That's why when you list and market your home with us, we'll include you in the process. You'll have a say in the marketing channels we use. You'll know when your appointed professional photographer will shoot your house. You'll know when your home hits the real estate sales portals. In fact, you'll even know the name of the man who erects your For-Sale sign in your front yard. And if we do that right, we know you'll know the salesperson that helps you put the SOLD sticker on your property.

4. We'll show you our human side

Yes, you'll see us interact with us both in person and on social media. We recognize our staff. You'll see their birthday pics on Facebook. We'll post high fives with other customers. We'll invite you behind the scenes. You'll see us so much, you'll think you know us. Hopefully you'll see our honesty and trustworthiness as well. .

5. We're sharing our stories

We know you like our stories of our customers and our employees. That's why we are continuing to share them. You've also told us that story telling shows our honesty and trustworthiness. We’re obeying.

6. Our company culture is on display

We let you in behind the scenes. We show you our team building days.

You've seen us at our Network Awards. Winning awards is not about a select few, it's a shared recognition. Our success is a sum of all and our customers are a part of that sum.

7. We are being authentic

Our industry requires us to demonstrate personas of success. Flash cars, big houses and designer suits seems to be the image successful agents want to display. Sure we might have all those things, but we never deliberately display them. They come from hard work. They come from serving our clients well, many who are repeat customers with our business. What we want to promote is you - a better life, your successes.

8. We own our mistakes

We don't always get it right. We admit that. But instead of ducking and weaving or sitting on our hands, we stand up, admit to our mistake, and do our best to rectify it. We believe in being responsible.

9. We offer added value

We are an Award-winning office because we go the extra mile. We understand that buying a home is important to you. That's why we connect you with highly skilled employees to help you get exactly what you want. We have additional staff most agencies only dream about. We have a customer care division, an in-house finance broker and an Award-winning property management division. And our sellers can tap into these extra support features to optimise their home sale as well.

10. Our testimonials speak volumes

We love our customers and they love us. We've got tons of testimonials telling the world how great we are. But let's be honest have you ever read a bad solicited review? No. That's why we open ourselves up to the public domain and get reviews directly from Google visitors.

With an average 4.3 stars we know that we are doing a good job.


Buying or selling a home is an important event. It can be exciting and stressful at the same time.

Dealing with the right real estate agent is critical, but who can you trust?

Honesty and trustworthiness are not words used often in the real estate industry.

That's why we are going the extra mile to show you our world to demonstrate our honesty and trustworthiness to you.

You are our business. We want First National Paradise Point to be anchored to Paradise Point real estate.