2019 Spring Home Interior Predictions: What’s In, What’s Out...

Wednesday 02 Oct 2019

Winter is gone and spring has arrived. It's time to take down the drab dark curtains, throw off the doona cover and get airy and bright.

Here's our interior design predictions for this Spring.

Modernism - warm with a dash of colour

While black-and-white contrast and raw materials like steel and wood will continue to be popular, they’ll be softened by colour and asymmetry. These modern elements will have a fresh approach ability when surrounded by sun-soaked fabrics and natural wall coverings.

Gone is the rustic look. The modern look is in.

Accessorizing with bright colours can easily lift a room. Bright yellow or 'Kermit-the-frog' green sofa cushions are in.

Simple to use technology for the home of the future

Talk to me technology is the latest craze hitting homes today and will only get bigger.

Alexa and Google Home control the market now but look out for new players to enter the market, especially from China.

The only downside of this new technology driven life is that you may have to do more exercise now that your television, curtains, garage door and air-conditioning can be control with your voice.

Industrial style

Lovers of concrete, metal and old timber, 2019 is your interior design heaven.

Matte black and bronze continue to dominate and complement a more industrial vibe. But when selecting wall colours, appliances, faucet finishes and fabrics, consider the possibilities of moody blues and the grey color spectrum.

From warm light greys to the coolness of matte black, these tones add a subtle layer of intrigue and distinction.

Handmade touches

Forget the 'off the rack' purchases from KMart. Create your own . Attend a few craft workshops or rerun episodes of Better Homes & Gardens and you'll be able to add your own organic touch to wall hangings, paintings or personalised nic-nacs.

The colour trends

2018 was edgier than 2019 will be. Paint companies are now matching consumers to their environments. Here's what's hot.

a) olive green b) rich bronzes c) neutrals with a touch of blue d) jewel tones e) energizing coral

Kitchens are becoming state of the art

Here are the top home interior trends in kitchens in 2019

a) concealed storage b) pewter and gun metal taps c) open shelving d) coloured upholstery bench chairs e) coloured cabinets f) raw materials like stone

Home decor trends

a) ty dye 70's is coming back. Fancy a ty dye bed cover? b) leafy wallpaper c) desert inspired accessories d) animal prints

What's Out? Millennial Pinks and Rustic

2019 interior design is saying goodbye to the rustic look.

Old, ancient Balinese doors are being swapped for timber or metal doors including brushed steel or matte black.

Millennial pink is definitely not in and has been replaced by bold yellows or lime green.

In the kitchen dump the signature range-hood for a polished brass, brushed metal or the matte black look. Six burner gas stove tops and ovens continue to be a chef’s delight.