Moving House on a Budget

Monday 14 Oct 2019

Moving House When Money Is Tight

The rental home that you live in has just been sold. Your lease is up and the new owners want to move in.

Not only is this annoying but it also hits your wallet hard. An unexpected expense is not what anybody wants.

Here's 5 ways to moving house on the cheap.

Declutter your existing home

If you are moving out of a five bedroom home and downsizing to a two bedroom apartment, you need to dump, sell or giveaway furniture and household items you won't be needing.

This process will potentially not only put a few dollars into your back pocket resulting from the sale, but will also save you on the size of removal truck that's needed and time costs for both the labour and hire charges.

Ask your buddies to help

It may not be the easiest thing to do, but when funds are tight you need to swallow your pride and just ask.

Let them know that the favour is reciprocal.

And when the job is done make sure you have a few cold beers on ice and the barbecue is well lit for some tender, juicy steaks and snags.

Do the cleaning yourself

Most rental managers will prefer that you use their recommended cleaning company, but if dollars are few and far between, you'll need to roll up your sleeves and clean the premises yourself.

How good are your friends? Perhaps some of them will chip in and help you with a bit of elbow grease?

Start the cleaning once everything has been moved out. Send the kids over to granny's and leave the dog at the new abode so he can familiarize himself with his new surrounds.

Get your packing boxes for free

Your local corner store, bottle shop or supermarket often throws out cartons once they've used them. They are happy for you to take the boxes away as it saves dumping them.

Another great source for free or cheap boxes are buy and sell meets.

Facebook Marketplace sells everything from soap to motor cars. You'll either find some packing boxes for free of pay very little for them on Facebook.

Hire your own removal truck

There's plenty of truck hire franchises around including the major brands like Avis and Budget that hire small to large vans.

U-Haul is another global brand which can be found in the corner of many service stations.

If the van is small, you'll only need a standard driver’s license.

The only downside with option is that you'll need to rely on your good mates to help.

If you can spring a few bucks but still need to be frugal, check out Airtasker and post your job. There are many removalists freelancing on weekends keen to extra work and they’re happy to do a job at a reasonable rate.

Things that are hard to move

If you've got large items like a piano or pool table then you are going to have to call in an expert. There are specialised companies that deal with large, odd or valuable items that should not be moved by an amateur.

Implement these 5 ideas to save yourself some moving costs. But make sure you have this next tip in place before you start the move to protect yourself.

Moving insurance

Money might be tight but this is one area in which you shouldn't skip.

What if something was broken during the move or even worse you were involved in an accident while transporting your prized Picasso (we know it's not genuine but a print brightens the room, right?). Replacement might be very expensive.

Check out your insurance company and get some cover before you move. It’ll be worthwhile in the long run and give you peace of mind.